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Ransom Everglades

Result: DSS saved the client 15% from the preconstruction budget, facilitated challenging contract negotiations and fast-tracked an extraordinarily complex permitting process.

Major high school campus redevelopment comprising the construction of a new, state-of-the-art Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) building, a new parking lot and drop-off loop, complex tree relocation, extensive utility diversion, as well as renovation of classroom and administrative facilities.

DSS was engaged to plan and direct the multitude of projects and sub-projects involved in redevelopment, including coordination of different design teams and contractors.

DSS had to mitigate the uncertainty and risk associated with having up to 16 open permits, especially given the school’s set completion dates.  Additionally, much more was unknown than known with respect to the site conditions and utility work controlled by third parties.

DSS walked through every aspect of the permitting process with the respective city authorities to satisfy all requirements on every permit. Site studies such as ground penetrating radar, underground videotaping of drainage and sewer lines, as well as other diagnostic techniques had to be conducted and analyzed in order to fully understand the existing conditions and formulate appropriate action. Using that information DSS was able to orchestrate the implementation of a clean building site for the construction of the new 38,000 square foot building.

The STEM project is under contract with Shawmut Design and Construction with ancillary work being executed by different contractors in a phased approach and is on track to be delivered on time and under budget.

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