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Why You Need an
Owners Rep

How You Can Beat
the Odds

Your Path to

Why You Need an
Owners Rep

How You Can Beat
the Odds

Your Path to

Why You Need an Owner’s Rep

Construction projects are expensive and complicated. So as a developer or building owner embarking on a new project, you’re taking a big risk.

Building designs and specifications can be over- or under-engineered, cost estimates can be wildly wrong, vendors can be unreliable, permits can fall into a bureaucratic black hole, the list of pitfalls goes on and on.

The problem is you already have a full-time job running your business. The last thing you need is a massive distraction that pulls you away from where you’re really needed and from what you’re really good at. And most organizations typically don’t have the internal resources necessary to properly evaluate and implement strategies, decisions and designs required to optimize their investment of time and money.

Pre-development, preconstruction and construction can be like quicksand, especially for people who haven’t done it every day for decades.

To succeed, you need a guide who understands every aspect of: proforma analysis, permitting, contracts, estimating, design, and construction, and who can help you build a great team of construction professionals. A guide who will be on your side and who will run your project for you, saving you stress, time and money.

How You Beat The Odds

Most development and construction projects fail due to lack of early planning. There’s a tendency to make modifications too far into the process when changes are expensive and cause delays.

To have a project come in on time and in budget, you need to take time during the early phases to build-in savings by setting goals, defining scope, creating an optimal design, calculating budgets and establishing a realistic schedule.

If you slowdown in the beginning, your project will be delivered faster. DSS can help you create savings during the planning phases and then keep everything on track during construction so those savings are realized.

Importance of clear definition during early development phases

During the Project Definition and Preliminary Design stages, it’s inexpensive to make modifications that have a profound impact on a project’s quality, cost and schedule. Modifications during subsequent phases have less impact, are very expensive and cause delays.

Source: Professor Garold Oberlender, Oklahoma State University

Your Path To Success


Create millions in savings by optimizing design to simplify construction


Reduce uncertainty by ensuring that all players are on the same page before design and construction starts


Negotiate fair contracts with clearly defined expectations and outcomes aligning everyone’s goals


Keep everyone and everything on track during all stages of the development process

“Our retention of DSS significantly contributed to the completion of our complex historical renovation and new construction project on budget and on schedule. Their attention to detail and creative thinking had a profoundly favorable impact on the entire process. I can recommend them without reservation.” 

– Jonathan Plutzik, Owner, The Betsy – South Beach 

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