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1111 Lincoln Road

Result: A highly innovative, one-of-a-kind design was built for 50% less than original estimates.

The project included construction of a parking garage, two-story condominium bank building, penthouse shell, site work and substantial renovation of an existing 8-story office building.

Herzog & DeMeuron were commissioned to create a one-of-a-kind parking garage. They accomplished this by varying floor-to-floor heights, using massive angular columns, and tapering the perimeter slab to a knife edge while also hiding sprinkler pipes in the slab. The developer had the project priced by contractors. The estimates were cost prohibitive.

Provide the design in an affordable manner and deliver it on time.

Creatively use common materials and methods in an uncommon way in order to maintain the architectural design but in a way that was affordable and compliant with Miami-Dade building codes.

The now iconic project was delivered in 16 and-a-half months from start to TCO, at a price that was acceptable to the developer.

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