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District Aventura

Result: DSS saved the client $2.5 million by creating a more efficient design by reconfiguring the building’s pool and amenity deck and by gaining construction savings through an innovative bid process.

The District Aventura project proposes the redevelopment of a former concrete manufacturing facility encompassing nearly five acres and holds entitlement for up to 291 residential rental units along with 50,000 square foot commercial or hotel. The design included an expansive amenity and pool deck.

Developer engaged DSS to bring cost efficiencies to the project as the pre-construction contractor had estimated the project at $240 per rentable square foot, which was not economically feasible.

Maintain building quality and deliver the entire project scope while achieving a budget of under $185 per square foot.

DSS developed a proforma to analyze the proposed design and illustrate the impact of key design changes to deliver a more efficient project that moved parking and pool decks to a better location on the property, simplifying construction and saving a significant amount of building materials.

The reconfigured design as well as the implementation of a schematic bid process brought the project cost down to $180 per square foot, saving a total of $2.5 million.

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