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The Betsy Hotel

Result: An innovative and iconic orb spans the alley between the historic Betsy and Carlton hotels.

Design and installation of a functional – but also esthetically pleasing – connection between the Betsy property and the newly renovated Carlton, creating a single property with an Ocean Drive address.

Developer who already owned the Betsy Hotel purchased the Carlton hotel and implemented a historic renovation and addition with a rooftop pool. In order to create an indoor connection between the two properties, a bridge was conceived to span over the alley between the buildings.

Typically bridges look like bridges and lack the architectural or artistic element desired by the developer. In this case, however, the architect designed something truly innovative and unique, but the price tag was too high and there were difficult constructability issues.

DSS researched and sourced a radome to implement the architect’s design and create an orb. This saved the developer nearly one million dollars and resulted in the bridge becoming an iconic landmark. DSS also recommended that the bright shiny chrome finish be changed to matte white enabling the developer to use the orb as a projector screen.

The orb has become one of the most photographed objects on Miami Beach and is internationally recognized.

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