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Let’s Work Together

We all know construction projects are hard. So hard that most projects are either late, over budget, or both. And far too many end in bad feelings and even litigation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

DSS takes a uniquely collaborative approach to the entire construction process which leads to projects that are well-designed, well-planned and in which there is more certainty, lower liability and higher profits for all.

As South Florida’s premier full-service owner’s representative and project management firm, DSS is dedicated to guiding its clients and their contractors, sub-contractors and design professionals to the completion of successful projects in which everyone is better off.

Please REGISTER HERE to participate in the DSS bid process using the SmartBid platform which allows contractors and subcontractors the ability to view our bid documents online. It’s a great way for you to work with us.

“Working together with DSS from the beginning can help optimize the design and simplify the construction process.  In the end, it results in a smoother, more efficient project that eliminates waste, maintains a budget and reduces change orders.”

Tom C. Murphy, Co-President, Coastal Construction

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