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Case Study > MEI Condominium

Mei Condominium is a luxury condominium tower in the mid-beach area on Collins Avenue.  The project was behind schedule and certain work was defective.  This affected the ability of the developer to deliver units on time and minimize construction defect claims.  DSS was asked to quickly evaluate the situation and provide the solution.

During the condominium boom of the mid 2000’s there was a shortage of qualified contractors.  Inevitably some developers chose contractors that were later found to be unable to deliver their building as they had promised.  Many of these projects stalled and ended up in the hands of the lenders only to be finished years later by other developers.  The developers for Mei sought a more effective approach as they wanted to finish the project rather than walk away from it.  They called on DSS to evaluate the situation and provide the solution.

The Challenge
The contractor was out of his league but did not want to admit it nor leave the project.  Replacing the contractor and his crew with a capable, motivated contracting team without litigation was the optimal solution.  Our goal was to minimize time lost during the changeover.  Quick delivery while correcting quality issues was essential.

The Solution
DSS evaluated the situation in 24 hours and provided an action plan.  The developers approved the plan which was immediately implemented.  A settlement agreement was negotiated with the initial contractors while the new contractor was engaged.  The process took two weeks in which time all subcontractors were evaluated and necessary changes were implemented.  DSS staffed the project with a full-time onsite executive who administered the revision of permits, scheduling, the Contractor as well as to identify & cause the repair of defects.

DSS’s immediate evaluation of the situation and implementation of the solutions resulted in saving the project from foreclosure.  Mei is a beautiful condominium residence and the pride of the mid-beach area.  It also serves as a perfect example of the turnover of a troubled project into a successful one when properly managed.