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Case Study > Continuum South Tower and Townhouses

Continuum is the luxury condominium complex of South Beach. The South Tower townhomes and tower suffered from construction defects effecting its stucco and windows negatively impacting the weather tightness of the building as well as its aesthetic appearance. The defects diminished the value of the property and resulted in ongoing damage to the exterior skin systems and unit interiors. DSS was hired to determine and implement solutions.

Continuum South Tower settled its 558 claim with the developer and contractor but was left with the task of correcting the defects.  The stucco exterior was delaminated and severely cracked and the windows leaked through the primary seal between the structure and window frame.  The specification used for the settlement was expensive and destructive.  DSS was engaged by the Association to oversee the design, bidding and contract negotiations for the Townhouses and Tower using its Value Analysis Approach.  DSS then continued on with the construction administration of the South Tower Townhouses

The Challenge
Determine how to repair the delaminated and severely cracked stucco exterior and stop the windows from leaking through the primary seal. We needed a long-term solution guaranteed by the manufacturer, which was also minimally disruptive while not exceeding the settlement amount.

The Solution
DSS worked with the manufacturer, engineer and various contractors to utilize a system, which achieved the desired outcome.  The project was then put out to bid by DSS ensuring that the lowest cost was achieved for the system.  Full-time on-site engineering was employed to ensure quality control, adherence to the plans and specifications, verification of quantities, and daily inspections.  All loose stucco was removed and replaced as well as the primary window sealant bead.  The exterior of the townhouse buildings were wrapped with synthetic mesh and acrylic plaster creating a monolithic weather tight system.  A high-mod paint was applied providing durability as well as additional weatherproofing.  The finished product provided an aesthetic result superior to stucco.

The STO RFP fabric cladding system stopped the leaks, repaired the stucco cracking and the potential for future cracking. This technique saved 50% on the cost compared to the previously bid and budgeted specification. As well it increased the longevity of the 3 townhouse buildings.